Cornerstone Christian School

Slogan: Beyond the boundaries


Cornerstone Christian school is a private Christian school owned by Pastor Freek and Mietsie Kruger. They planted the school in Randfontein in 2011 on the instruction and vision they received from God. They started with 8 children and 4 teachers with so much passion. Without any advertising, they have grown into a school now hosting more than 180 learners and 24 staff members. The Vision is not limited to Randfontein, but also spreads to all areas of our country and beyond our borders. Pastor Freek and Mietsie Kruger have been serving God faithfully for the past 32 years of their lives. They have been involved in full time ministry as well as serving the community and being actively involved in different welfare organisations.

God gave them as founders of Cornerstone Christian School a vision. By changing the way children think you can influence the sphere in which their parents operate. By using a new way of doing things in 186 children’s lives you create a pattern in 186 households and soon, those changes will fill the atmosphere of operations in a part of a community.

Every young boy and girl is treated as an individual with the ability to become the Minister of Education, the Minister of Finance or even better the President of our country. By teaching them a Christ-like character, we can provide a humble youth group with the message; “Christ in us…the hope of glory” They may be a small group of Gideon-troops as in the book of Judges, that will infiltrate the frontiers of the enemy by just being light bearers. They can portray the walk of Shadrac, Meshach and Abednego in the oven of the fire instead of taking part in the normal “Toy-toy” and burning of tyres or schools and libraries. We can inspire them to dream the impossible dream again and to know that not even the sky is the limit.

With classrooms accommodating less than 25 learners per class, great interpersonal relationships are built and every child’s progress can be monitored carefully. Teachers are trained to be role models and care-givers and not educators of certain subjects only, because children spend the best hours of their day at school. Even eating disorders can be sorted out and medications for concentration become the last priority.

Children are allowed to grow up finding themselves, through academics and play on an integrated level. We start this process from the beginning at the intake of babies as young as 6 months. Implanting an eagerness to discover themselves through the process of learning and to distinguish right from wrong by demonstrating to them how to handle themselves in all situations.

Did you know that a child between the ages 3-7 can easily learn 7 languages? The correct age to lay the foundation for mathematical principles and geometric shapes and numbers are also during the pre-school years. How can we then still allow children to be frustrated by forcing them to just colour-in, watch TV and play outside whilst they are eager to learn about continents, countries and their capitals, commodities and clothing around the world. What better stage to teach your child about different nations of the world and their customs when explaining why we eat specific meals at certain times of the day.   Let’s start dressing our children in traditional wear and teach them to honour their roots and where they come from. Discuss their allowance/pocket money and their budgets with them instead of just giving/refusing them tuck-shop money!

Would you not just love it if your child came home knowing his/her nursery rhymes in English but also their mother-tongue and plays Diketo, hop scotch and Soccer….and asks you if you know how to play marbles with them. We encourage movies about the future but we don’t teach them about the price that freedom cost our country! Cell phones and tablets are used for playing monster games instead of being a tool of discovering their worlds. Teach your child how to Google the spelling of names of animals, historical buildings, letters of different countries….

You have been formed into who you are by the tender age of 2.  Therefore parents, grannies, grandfathers, guardians, God is allowing you to shape the future of your very own little one. Yes, yes… we all know that the time for reprimanding and spanking them has change drastically but, so has our abilities to strengthen them in the areas of their weakness and guiding them constantly. So why are we waiting? Do we need the government? No, all we need to do is to see the bigger picture because, “Believing is seeing” and you are now part of the vision of our school by having your child as a student or even just logging in our website.